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Pamoja is a new technology company focused on bringing Cloud computing to Africa through the creation of a Cloud service exchange.

SEACOM Ltd incorporated Pamoja in September 2011 as a Value Added Services business unit and strategic arm leading SEACOM’s entry into Cloud-computing services. 

Pamoja’s Cloud services business model is built on the growing demand for IT-as-a-Service , coupled with the need for service providers to increase the value of their existing offerings and expand their revenue bases. 

Pamoja has built a Cloud services marketplace which it offers to channel partners to re-sell under their own brand (white-labelled) to their customer base. This reduces the risk for organisations who want to enter the growing market of Cloud computing. The Pamoja model drives economies of scale and thus delivers cost effective, quality services.

The Pamoja model provides these organisations with access to wholesale Cloud services. With the rapid expansion of broadband connectivity in Africa the adoption of Cloud services is set to mirror that of developed countries. Pamoja is investing in Cloud computing infrastructure in South Africa and Kenya. These facilities improves access to the Cloud services and address the issues surrounding the location of confidential and sensitive data as well as service latency associated with Cloud services delivered from outside Africa

Pamoja is based in Africa, run by Africans and is building solutions based on needs and opportunities in Africa.

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